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Get Prepared For a DOT Audit With Our Compliance Training Seminars

Our DOT compliance courses and online seminars are one day workshops taught by experienced trainers who have instructed both the transportation industry and government officials.

These workshops will provide you with the tools to help you manage your safety and get your company into compliance with DOT regulations both in the office and roadside.

What You'll Learn In Our DOT Seminars

  • What types of trucking operations that are governed by DOT regulations.
  • Learn about Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) and how it affects your business.
  • How to read the Safety Measurement System (SMS) report and apply the data.
  • What does DOT look For during an audit? We give you the low down!
  • Hours of service rules that can affect your operations
  • Discover and learn new regulations
  • How to properly set up Driver Qualification (DQ) files
  • Drug and Alcohol testing requirements
  • Hacks, tips and tricks to track your safety program and stay in good standing with FMCSA
  • Government resources you can use for safety management
  • And lots more!

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Prefer a Live workshop? Our workshops are taught by experienced trainers who have instructed both enterprise level professionals and government officials. Learn the fundamentals you need to manage your safety and get your company compliant with FMCSA!

Class To Be Announced...

Class To Be Announced...

In Person DOT Training

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