Get The Best DOT Hazmat Training

Our Hazmat workshop is a 1-day class taught by experienced trainers that cover information for shippers, supervisors, managers and drivers.

You will learn Basic hazmat response using the North American Emergency Response Guide and applying DOT hazmat rules to get you into

compliance with DOT employee hazmat training requirements in CFR 172.704.

Topics Covered In This Hazmat Class

  • How DOT defines hazardous materials?
  • When Do Hazardous Materials rules apply?
  • The 9 hazard classes
  • Recognize shipping paper information and format
  • Introduction to the 172.101 hazmat table
  • Basics of marking and labeling packages
  • Proper Placarding of a transport vehicle
  • Loading/unloading hazmat
  • Separation and segregation of hazardous materials

And More!

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August 19, 2021



September 16, 2021



November 11, 2021


Class Information

Regulation book and participant manual provided

Class starts at 8:00am and ends at 5:00 each day (depending on class participation)

Casual attire

Laptop and/or smart phone allowed.

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