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Understanding Hazmat Regulations is Complex. We Keep It Simple.

Our Hazmat workshop is a one day class taught by experienced trainers that cover information for shippers, supervisors, managers and drivers.

Discover how to use the hazardous materials regulations to ship and transport hazmat on the highway. Class fulfills training requirements outlined in CFR 172.704 of the regulations.

What You'll Learn In Our Hazardous Materials Classes

How DOT defines hazardous materials
When Do Hazardous Materials rules apply?
The 9 hazard classes
Recognize shipping paper information and format
How to properly prepare shipping papers
Introduction to the 172.101 hazmat table
How to select proper packaging to transport product
Basics of marking and labeling packages
Proper Placarding of a transport vehicle
Loading/unloading hazmat
Separation and segregation of hazardous materials

And More!

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In Person Hazmat Training

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